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Frequently Asked Questions

Tyre Sizing Explained

Where can I find my tyre size?

  • A tyres size is measured in both metric and imperial measurements. It is best to look on your current tyres and can be located on the sidewall of the tyre, for example:


205/55R16 91W



Is the tyre width in mm



Is the sidewall height, called the aspect ratio and also measured in mm eg: 55% of 205mm



Indicates a radial tyre.



Is the rim size and is measured in inches.



Is the load index, a numerical code indicating the maximum load of 615kg per tyre.



Is the speed symbol indicating the maximum speed in which the tyre can take a load corresponding to the load index.


Where else can I find my tyre size?

  • You can also look up your tyre size in the owners’ manual however; if your car was bought second hand we would advise you don’t look up the tyre size this way. The previous owner may have replaced the standard fit tyres for a different size.


What do RSC and RFT mean?

  • RSC and RFT are abbreviations used to indicate that the tyres are self-supporting “run flat” tyres.


What does RF mean?

  • RF indicates the tyre is reinforced. RF tyres are usually fitted to estate cars, 4X4 vehicles and light commercial vans.


What does XL mean?

  • XL indicates the tyre has an Extra Load sidewall construction and can be inflated to pressures up to 41psi or 2.9 bar.


What does 4X4 mean?

  • 4X4 refers to the number of wheels that have drive capability, typically on SUV vehicles.


What does SUV mean?

  • SUV means Sport Utility Vehicle.


What happens to my old tyres?

  • Scrap casing disposal is included when providing a tyre quote. Old tyres are environmentally disposed of by collection from a professional waste management company and recycled. Examples of use are sports surfaces, carpet underlay, noise vibration insulation, playgrounds and matting.


What is the minimum legal limit?

  • The minimum legal limit for cars, vans and 4X4 vehicles in the UK is 1.6mm across the central ¾’s of the tread all the way round the circumference of the tyre.


When should I replace my tyres?

  • It is recommended that tyres are replaced before they reach the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm.

  • If your tyre is damaged by side wall bulge, irreparable puncture, exposed chords, driven on while flat, miss-shaped, perishing.

  • Ageing usually indicated by tread depth or small cracks also known as crazing. All tyres irrespective of condition, tyres older than 6 years from date of manufacture should be replaced. Tyre age is indicated on the sidewall of the tyre by a ‘windowed’ 4 digit code. The first two digits represent the week and the second two, the year of manufacture.

  • Uneven wear i.e. excessive wear on the central or outer edges of the tyre.



Are the mobile vans fully equipped?

  • All Need New Tyres mobile tyre fitting vans are fully equipped with the latest changers, balancing machines and tools specific to tyre replacement.


Do you fit low profile tyres?

  • We specialise in all types of tyre fitting including low profile tyres


What other types of tyres do you fit?

  • We also specialise in run flat tyres, winter tyres, extra load tyres, high performance tyres, light commercial van tyres.


What is wheel balancing?

  • Most tyres when fitted to wheels have an imbalance, which needs correction. It’s a procedure undertaken using our on board balancing machine and prevents serious vibration that can put strain on the wheel bearings and suspension system. Need New Tyres takes care to use the correct type of balancing weight to compliment the style of wheel fitted to your vehicle. Uncoated knock on weights are used for steel wheels and discreet coated stick on weights are used for alloy wheels.


Do you provide a puncture repair service?

  • Yes we do. Need New Tyres technicians only undertake repairs that fall within British standard guidelines, using only the best tools and materials to achieve BSAU 159 standard repair. A puncture repair is £21.60 including vat.




Do you provide a locking wheel nut removal service?

  • Yes we do. All Need New Tyres mobile tyre fitting vans have on board the latest DYNOMEC kit for locking wheel nut removal.


Do you provide wheel alignment?

  • Yes we do. Also known as tracking, all our mobile tyre fitting vans are equipped with alignment gauges. A completely flat surface is required for accurate wheel alignment; please keep this in mind when ordering this service. Wheel alignment is £24 including vat.


Can you fit my tyres on the same day?

  • Our on-line booking service does not allow tyre fitting appointments to be made on the same day. However, if you call our support team it may be possible to arrange a same day tyre fitting appointment. If you require our attendance within 3 hours of contacting us, a fee of £20.00 for emergency callout will apply.


Are your tyres guaranteed?

  • Yes, all new tyres fitted come with a manufacturer warranty against construction defects. A manufacturer’s warranty does not cover against punctures or driver caused damage. There is a tyre industry agreed complaints process and details can be found at


What fitting area do you cover?

  • We currently operate in the county of Merseyside and some parts of Cheshire. Enter your postcode on the home page to see if we cover your area.


Can I change the fitting time, date or location?

  • Yes you can. Please call us and we will try to accommodate your alternative fitting requirement to the best of our ability.


Are your technicians fully trained?

  • All our technicians have more than 10yrs experience in fitting tyres and related services and are had picked to provide the highest level of customer service.


Apart from payment, is there anything else I need to provide?

  • Yes, if your vehicle has locking wheel nuts we will need you to locate and provide the wheel nut key.



My postcode is not recognised by your system, what can I do?

  • If the system does not recognise your postcode it is because we do not have a fitting service in your area at the moment. As an alternative, we provide a “Delivery Only” service. Please go back to the search facility and select the ‘delivered’ option.


What if I have chosen the wrong tyre size?

  • Firstly, start your search again. If you have already placed your order please contact us immediately so we can correct the order. It is your responsibility to choose your tyres correctly, if you do not inform us before the arrival of our technician a charge will be made to cover our costs.

Do you provide a “Delivery Only” service?

  • Yes we do. Please go back to the search facility and select the “Delivered” option.


Why can’t I find the brand I want?

  • Please call our customer service team for further assistance in locating your tyre brand.


Why can’t I find the size I want?

  • Please call our customer service team for further assistance in locating your tyre size.


Can I cancel my order?

  • Orders cancelled one day prior to fitting will not incur a cancellation fee. Orders cancelled on the arranged fitting day will incur a cancellation fee of £20.00.

Please call us to see if we can help with the reasons why you want to cancel your order, we may be able to help.



How do I pay for my tyres?

  • Your payment is captured by our secure on-line payment system but not taken from your account until we fit your tyres and you are completely satisfied with our work.


What does the tyre price include?

  • We always quote a fully inclusive price with no hidden extras as follows:

  1. Mounting of new tyre

  2. Replacement valve

  3. Wheel balance

  4. Old tyre disposal

  5. VAT


Are you competitive on price?

  • Yes we are. Thousands of satisfied customers have returned to have their tyres fitted during our 10 years in business due to our very competitive pricing. We also believe that along with a good pricing structure, our excellent levels of customer service also contribute to our high levels of repeat and referred customers.


How much is a puncture repair?

  • A puncture repair is £21.60 including vat.


How much is wheel alignment?

  • Wheel alignment is £24 including vat.


How much is locking wheel nut removal?

  • This depends on how many locking wheel nuts need removing. Firstly, we have a non-refundable attendance charge of £20 to check the nut(s) have not been over tightened, which could prevent removal. A further £10 is charged for each locking wheel nut removed.


Can I get a VAT invoice?

  • Yes you can. Our technician will provide a job sheet detailing the cost of work carried out and a full vat invoice will follow in the post on request.

Do you charge a call out fee?

  • No, not for pre-booked appointments within our normal working hours. We do however charge £50 callout fee for appointments arranged outside of our normal working hours. We also charge a £20.00 callout fee for emergency appointments required within 3 hours of calling our support team.


What is your refund policy?

  • If for any reason, such as stock availability we are unable to fulfil your order, we will either offer an alternative product or provide a full refund.



What other motoring services do you provide?

  • WE currently do not provide any other motoring services outside of mobile tyre fitting.


What are your opening and fitting hours?

  • Monday to Saturday - 8am to 6pm, Sunday – Closed.


How do I contact you?

  • Our address is, 22 Grove Terrace, Hoylake, Wirral, Merseyside CH47 2HD, tel: 0151 632 6067, email: