4x4 tyres can fall in to a number of different categories, your vehicle may need tyres for on road use or off road use. For advice on the most effective fitment for your vehicle, please call our sales team.

  • Mud Tyres / Off Road Tyres

Enabling a vehicle to travel across extreme terrains, such as mud and uneven ground, they are specifically designed for off road driving. Because they are not suitable for road use you may need to look towards All Terrain tyres for a combination of less demanding driving environments.


  • All Terrain Tyres

All Terrain tyres are a great compromise for both on and off road use. Drivers who have vehicles that need to cope with varied environments will find this tyre option far more suitable than purely on road tyres. All Terrain tyres won’t perform well in extreme off road conditions, Mud tyres / Off Road tyres are more suited to this environment.